functional services

biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing

the root cause of disease 

Dr. Kerbs believes that wellness is the state of positive health, quality of life and well-being.


He and his team take an active role in helping patients achieve this. We help you reach your dental goals by restoring health, creating beauty, evoking a smile, uplifting your spirit and enhancing your self-confidence.

Holistic dentistry emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of all its parts. This is how we look at the mouth and body. It’s what allows us to provide the absolute best dental health to each of our patients.

A healthy mouth is just one part of a healthy body. Your mouth and the bacteria it collects are directly related to the health of your body and internal organs. By keeping bacteria in the mouth at healthy levels, we can also keep the blood and internal organs healthy. Healthy gums are the foundation our teeth need to survive. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools to maintain a healthy oral environment for a healthy life.

We evaluate oral health and diagnose dental problems every day. More importantly, we help our patients understand why they need treatment and how they can prevent future problems. The quality of materials Dr. Kerbs uses plays a major role in his holistic dentistry. He carefully researches and selects each material to make sure it is biocompatible and achieves the most natural-looking, long-lasting result.

Dr. Kerbs' advanced training and continuing education assure our patients that their finished dental work will look, feel and function just as their natural teeth would.