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Functional Frenectomy

A tongue tie is the common term for what is clinically called a restricted lingual frenum. A restricted lingual frenum is the piece of tissue under the tongue that is tethered or tied so that the tongue is unable to lift up all the way or move in the way that it should be able to if the tongue were not restricted.

A tongue tie can cause or be related to many problems including:

  • head and neck tension or pain

  • headaches

  • TMD

  • swallowing problems

  • chewing problems

  • oral rest problems

  • mouth breathing

  • sleep disorders

  • mis-alignment of the jaws

  • malocclusion


A tongue tie release (lingual frenectomy or frenuloplasty) is a procedure that removes the piece of tissue that is restricting the tongue (the frenum).

Dr. Kerbs uses an Er:YAG laser to release the restricted frenum. A Er:YAG laser is a true non-touch laser and a cold laser – this is important when doing research on laser frenectomies, you do not want a frenectomy done with a diode laser as it is not a true laser and uses heat to preform the procedure which causes pain and longer healing times.

A lingual frenectomy done with an Er:YAG laser is a relatively easy and quick procedure. It takes approximately 30 minutes, there is very little bleeding, no sutures, reduced healing time when compared to traditional methods, and reduced post-operative discomfort when compared to traditional methods.

Dr. Kerbs always pairs with a myofunctional therapist when helping his patients who have tongue ties, myofunctional therapy will insure a successful release of the tongue and help the muscle to achieve proper function post-operatively.

Dr. Kerbs has performed hundreds of lingual frenectomies in his career, he also treats lip ties (labial frenums) and cheek ties (buccal frenums).

If you have any questions regarding any tethered tissues, (tongue tie, lip tie, cheek tie) please give our Escondido Dental Office a call today, our knowledgable team will be happy to answer all of your questions!


We look forward to helping you achieve better health!

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