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Advanced Holistic Dental
Approaching your dental health from a whole body perspective

JEFFRY S. KERBS Holistic and functional dentistry in Escondido, CA

Dr. Jeffry S. Kerbs' holistic philosophy is to approach your dental health from a whole-body perspective, looking at the causes of dental problems and finding solutions that are long-lasting. Dr. Kerbs also looks at dentistry from a functional perspective. He looks at nutrition, muscles, bones, joints, soft tissues and teeth, as they all function as a unit. Dr. Kerbs' goal is to provide comprehensive care using the most minimally invasive techniques in order to preserve your natural teeth. He practices dentistry using the latest techniques and technology available, including FOTONA laser dentistry and ozone therapy. Dr. Kerbs is a metal-free holistic dentist who is IAOMT-SMART certified. He uses only the most biocompatible materials – BPA-free and fluoride-free – and takes every precaution to ensure the safest dental experience possible.

We want you to feel heard and understood, so we will always give you clear and honest answers. Together, we can come up with a great plan to accomplish what you desire for your oral health and the beauty of your smile.

We offer a safe environment with in-room air filtration and ozonated water for all dental procedures which provides for contamination-free aerosol. We offer complimentary sedation dentistry, warm blankets, massage dental chairs,

noise-canceling headphones with your choice of music, warm neck wraps, dark eye shields and paraffin-wax hand treatments. Our goal is to make your dental visit one that you enjoy and look forward to repeating.

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Dennis F Penn DMD

Dr Kerbs has taken care of my whole family for close to 25 years. He recently removed an upper molar and did a complex bone graft setting the area up for an implant. He is a very talented dentist who treats each patient as if they were his only patient. Personally, I feel that he is truly, The Doctor’s Doctor. Dental care in San Diego county does
not get much better than this!!!

As a retired dental hygienist, I know the difference between excellent dentistry and offices that cut corners on patient care. Dr. Kerbs and his team are THE BEST. They provide individualized care and never use high pressure tactics to sell additional services or products. Plus, they are super gentle... When Jenae cleans my teeth, it's like a spa treatment! I've had two crowns done here and they fit perfectly. Just finished Invisalign treatment and my teeth are straight, beautiful, and no more joint popping or catching when I open wide. I highly recommend this office. They're professional, friendly, and provide excellent dental care.

I’ve been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. Kerbs does amazing work, he has always listened and considered any concerns I may have had. I am 100% comfortable and actually enjoy having dental work done. I always feel I’m in good hands with everyone of the caring staff. I love being spoiled with the extra comforts.The service is always great; great people, great care, great atmosphere!

Dr Kerbs' team is by far the best I've ever experienced on every level! I was referred by a hygienist from another office, which tells a lot. Thankfully, during my initial cleaning, Jenae found I had a crack in a molar which was in the early stage of infection. This would have otherwise led to abscess if it had not been extracted, with no other options since this already had a root canal. This could have been easily overlooked but wasn't. Dr. Kerbs took the time to explain everything before, during, and after the procedure. There were no surprises. I'm impressed with his calmness and technique. He personally called me that evening to see how I was feeling. Highly unusual. I was able to get an amazing weekend response from Sara and Dr. Kerbs when I was in need. I love that Dr Kerbs practices the holistic approach without sacrificing effectiveness whatsoever. I will be referring this team to anyone I talk to

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