Sedation Dentistry

It is our goal at Dr. Kerbs Office to make you comfortable and have everything available for you to make your visits anxiety free. Our dental office offers sedation dentistry so that your visit is anxiety-free from start to finish. Unfortunately, for many of the population, anxiety is one of the main reasons why people stay away from the dentist.

Regular dental care is what helps avoid major problems with the teeth and gums and is what helps prevent large dental treatment from being needed. We want you to feel comfortable and look forward to your dental visits, so that you stay regular with your care and have healthy teeth and gums for life. For this reason we offer sedation as an option to make your dental visits easy.

Sedation dentistry is something that more and more people are opting for to create a relaxed experience in the dental chair. At our office we offer this to our patients at no charge in order to insure that we are doing absolutely everything that we can to help our patients achieve dental health.

Sedation dentistry at Dr. Kerbs office consists of a combination of laughing gas and xanax. This combination creates the mind and body to relax to the point of almost sleep. We offer warm blankets, heated neck wraps, and massage chairs to tuck you in before your appointment and make sure that you are comfortable and anxiety free throughout your entire visit.

Our patients become so relaxed that most fall asleep in the chair, or come very close to it. Don't worry about falling asleep, we have a special way to relax your mouth in an open position while controlling the water and saliva so that you are comfortable. In this way, your appointment goes by fast while being relaxed throughout your procedures.

There are all kinds of reasons why anxiety can go along with dentistry. Our goal is to alleviate that anxiety and help you through your dental appointments each step of the way.

Sedation dentistry can be the answer to help you overcome your dental anxiety and in this way lead you to a healthy mouth for life. Please let us know if you or a loved one could benefit from this. We are here to answer all of your questions. 

Our sedation dentistry patients come to us from San Marcos, Encinitas, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and San Diego.