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The Systemic Connection in Escondido

Oral Health Affects Overall Health

In the last few years, clinical researchers have found a direct connection between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Research has shown that many areas of the body can be affected by poor oral health and periodontal disease. Here are some you should be aware of:

Your Mouth and Heart Disease

When disease is present in the mouth, there is a direct path to the bloodstream, which passes through the heart. This direct connection from the mouth to the heart has been linked to coronary artery disease. Research has shown that periodontal treatment can improve the condition of the arteries in the heart, therefore alleviating some health risks.

Your Mouth and Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes has a direct correlation to a slowed healing process and the risk of infection. Properly controlled diabetes is extremely important because healthy blood sugar levels promote health and healing. Those with uncontrolled blood sugar levels (specifically uncontrolled type 2 diabetes patients) have been found to have higher risk for developing gum disease. Studies have shown that keeping the mouth healthy and free from disease improves diabetic patients’ blood sugar levels.

Your Mouth and Osteoporosis

The medication that manages osteoporosis often includes bisphosphonate drugs. This type of medication has been linked to the development of osteonecrosis of the jaw. It is important when taking this type of medication to have regular dental cleanings and visits. This can reduce the risk of a jaw fracture considerably.
If your osteoporosis treatment includes bisphosphonate drugs, you need regular dental exams and cleanings for prevention.

Your Mouth and Arthritis

Patients suffering from arthritis are more likely to develop gum and periodontal disease and lose teeth. We can control this with regular dental exams and cleanings. By catching the development of disease forming in the mouth at an early stage, we can take the proper preventive and early treatment precautions to protect and maintain dental health.

Your Mouth and Cancer

External factors like smoking, alcohol and sun exposure can increase your risk for dental disease and oral cancer. Oral cancer starts small and often goes unnoticed until it is too far along in the growth process, when the prognosis is poor. Identifying the signs and symptoms early can help avoid disfiguring surgeries and prolong your life. Our dental scope allows us to catch oral cancer at the earliest stage, which allows for a much better prognosis.

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