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Periodontal disease is when the bone that holds the teeth in place becomes infected and causes bone loss. There are two stages of periodontal disease, the first stage is inflammation of the gums, the second stage is periodontitis which affects the bone surrounding the tooth.

Dr. Kerbs determines whether the pocket measurements that exist are pseudo pockets caused by gingivitis, meaning gum inflammation or true periodontal pockets. When true periodontal pockets exist, Dr. Kerbs determines why they could be present. He looks at the whole head and neck, the bite (occlusion), the joints (TMJ), the muscles (including the tongue), head posture, bacteria level (plaque and calculus) and he narrows it down to what could possibly be causing the disease so that it can be hopefully stopped and cured. Dr. Kerbs address all possible causes of the periodontal disease and eliminates the cause.

When periodontal pockets exist - anything 4 mm or above - Dr. Kerbs will recommend a deep cleaning with ozone therapy and laser therapy.

Ozone Therapy

Dr. Kerbs uses ozone water in the ultrasonic units as well as in the rinsing water. Ozone water wipes out the pathogenic bacteria causing the disease. Ozone is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic. Dr. Kerbs also offers ozone insuflation and ozone injections. Ozone insuflation is ozone gas pushed into the periodontal pocket. Ozone injections is ozone injected into the site of inflammation or infection.

Laser Therapy

Dr. Kerbs uses a FOTONA dual wavelength Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser. This laser is a true nontouch laser that generates minimal heat so the tissue surrounding the infection (the healthy tissue) remains un-harmed. The laser therapy will destroy any pathogenic bacteria as well as cure the diseased tissue and help new, healthy tissue to fill back in.

Thorough dental cleaning along with Ozone therapy and FOTONA laser therapy is a nonsurgical gum treatment that is successful a healing periodontal disease. The healing times are fast with both therapies and the discomfort during and post-treatment is minimal.

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