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The most common medical answer for sleep apnea is a CPAP. While CPAP is a effective way to eliminate sleep apnea while wearing it, many people find their CPAP annoying and end up noncompliant. The most common dental answer for sleep apnea is a MAD (mandibular advancement device). While a MAD can be effective at reducing sleep apnea and snoring it can cause TMJ pain and bite problems. It is important to know that neither the CPAP or the MAD is a cure for sleep apnea - these devices only work while you wear them and research shows that sleep apnea will continue to worsen with age and with the use of these devices.

Dr. Kerbs didn’t like the popular or mainstream answers that existed for sleep apnea, so he went in search for something better to help his patients. Dr. Kerbs discovered Dr. Singh and the VIVOS system. The VIVOS system is a set of appliances that non-surgically grow the airway. It is a removable appliance system worn in the evening and at night that gently signals the bone to expand and grow forward. Through the expansion and growth of the upper jaw and lower jaw, the airway to remodeled. The VIVOS system is FDA approved and has been shown to be a cure of sleep apnea. This is not a life long sentence like the CPAP and the MAD, you wear the VIVOS appliance until you have achieved a healthy airway and then the appliance is not longer required on a nightly basis.

Our airway is extremely important and a well developed airway means that breathing during sleep will happen correctly. When people snore or have sleep apnea it means that the airway is compromised and thus their overall health is compromised. Dr. Kerbs analyzes the anatomy of the head and neck and develops a plan to non-surgically remodel the airway. With diagnostic records, measurements and a sleep study, Dr. Kerbs develops a plan to grow the airway so that breathing during sleep becomes healthy.

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Jeffry S. Kerbs, DDS, is an AACD-accredited cosmetic dentist who cares for patients from the communities of North County San Diego, San Marcos, Encinitas, Escondido, Vista, San Elijo Hills and Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding areas. Located at 240 S. Hickory Street, Suite 207 in Escondido, CA 92025. Call: 760-746-3663.