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Low-Dose Digital X-rays in Escondido

Better Imaging With 90% Less Radiation

We use the latest digital X-ray technology. Our digital X-ray system provides accurate images with 90% less radiation to our patients. Digital X-rays use a state-of-the-art X-ray sensor instead of film. This sensor is much more sensitive than film. The X-ray then shows on our screen immediately. Instant images mean that our patients have less waiting time. Digital X-rays are also environmentally friendly because we no longer need to use dangerous chemicals to process film.

We take two types of digital X-rays: bitewings and periapicals.
Bitewing X-rays are "checkup X-rays" showing details of the upper and lower teeth together from the crown portion of the tooth to about the level of the bone. Bitewing X-rays are used to detect cavities between the teeth, which is an area that we are unable to see with the naked eye. Bitewings also show changes in the bone levels and density, changes that are usually caused by gum disease or clenching of the teeth.

Periapical X-rays are taken in a full-mouth series, or “FMX," which consists of 18 different images taken individually to diagnose a single tooth when needed. Periapicals show the whole tooth: the crown, the root and the bone. This type of X-ray shows us if the root and its surrounding bone are healthy.

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